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Report your missing pet to alert everyone in your local area and receive immediate assistance through (paid) ads on Facebook! This is unquestionably the fastest and most effective way to reach thousands of nearby individuals who may have seen or found your pet. Look no further, as we proudly boast the highest reunite rate available among all pet services on the web today!

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Me and my fiance were worried sick. After reporting our cat here we got her back within 2 hours! Wish we would've heard about Missing Pets earlier!

William Parker, NY

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The community is great and so helpful. A local neighbour had found my dog but didn't know who its owner was until she saw my Missing Pet Report!

Victoria Lewis, WD

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I'm so thankful I finally got my cat back home. It was definitly worth reporting my cat instead of being alone trying to find her!

Susan Smith, MH


How do I get my pet home?

1. Select area to promote in

Initiate a search and tailor the visibility of your missing pet post by specifying the precise location and radius you want to reach.

2. People nearby are instantly informed

Your pet's sponsored post will reach thousands of local individuals on social media, ensuring widespread visibility. Additionally, an instant notification will be sent to nearby residents for immediate awareness.

3. Get immediate help from your neighbors

We encourage neighbors and everyone close by to help. If anyone nearby has spotted or found your pet, they can quickly get in touch. Because pets can move faster than us, every second counts!

The story of Missing Pets

My wife and I experienced heartbreak when our cherished dog, Kelly, went missing one summer. We scoured every corner, putting up flyers and tirelessly searching online for any clues about her location. Despite our best efforts, we hit a dead end.

Having gone through this ordeal, we recognized the challenges of searching for lost pets and felt there had to be a more effective way. That's when we embarked on creating Missing Pets. Witnessing how it has become a valuable tool for reuniting people with their pets fills our hearts with joy.

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Your Pet Will Be Visible Everywhere

When you report your pet on this website, your pet's information becomes visible not only on the site and social media but also on our highly popular Mobile App, the go-to application for lost pets today!

Reuniting Lost Pets Since 2019

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There is no better feeling than to see pets reunited with their owners again.
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